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Maylee Todd’s personal guide to therapeutic uses of psilocybin

The multi-hyphenated Toronto-based artist makes a compelling case for the respectful use of psilocybin as a method for dissolving the illusionary constructs made by humans.

August 30, 2018

Venus Fest is a Toronto music festival and concert series celebrating feminism in the arts. The festival arrived in response to a long-standing and well-expressed need in the music industry to create a new kind of space for artists to thrive in and for community members to attend with a sense of safety. You can catch Maylee Todd at this year’s fest which will take place on September 20th, 21st and 22nd. You can gab tickets for the festival here. 

I am honoured to share my experiences with the respectful uses of psilocybin. Psilocybin is the chemical found in the mushroom that was historically used for shamanic spiritual purposes. When I was young I used it socially, but within the last 5 years I’ve been using it for solo missions to witness the divine, the ego, and to forgive others and myself. I have also found it helpful in dissolving the illusionary constructs made by humans.

If these subjects interest you or maybe you have your own purposes, I suggest doing a trip alone. You could probably listen to these records as a whole. They do have their own journeys and will inform your trip. It will be hours.

Phase One: The Prep


Start your prep with weighing out the dosage, and depending on the type of experience and tolerance I suggest 2 grams for your first SOLO trip.

Boil your water, throw some tea in there and add your grounded up mushrooms.

I like to keep books, pictures, markers, maybe a fun movie on stand by. All these things are just safety nets. I have never ended up using them.

Turn off the phone. Distractions are not helpful.



Food; Fruit, Veggie, or carbohydrate



Music- Here is your guided playlist


A dial away friend on the phone (just in case)

A movie on stand by that can change the mood (just in case)


Phase Two: Set an Open Intention and Drink the Tea

Artist: Terry Riley

Album: A Rainbow in Curved Air

Track: A Rainbow in Curved Air

Remember if this trip feels uncomfortable:


This intention really has been helpful. As humans with egos we really wanna control how situations will pan out, we have fears that we don’t wanna see, and we have expectations we want to meet. Let us be fluid like water and see how and what is revealed.

If you are new to this practice and nervous, that’s perfectly normal, after all these years I am still nervous to see what will be revealed to me and most of all, how I will react.

This 18:37 track will keep you motivated and shift the energy. These polyrhythms are hypnotic. It takes about 30- 60mins mins for the mushrooms to take effect.

Phase Three: Lay down in your bed, and get cozy

Artist: MNDSGN

Album: Yawn Zen

Track: Frugality

You may start to feel your temperature drop. You are literally poisoning your body, so its important to have extra blankets if need be. Lying down staring up at the ceiling in the dark or in a dim light. This track encourages cells and molecules to come alive. There’s a lot of light play that happens with this track. You can feel the psilocybin taking effect.

Phase Four: Witnessing the Divine

Artist: Alice Coltrane

Album: Divine Light: Bliss

Track: Eternal Now

After maybe 1-3 hours in (again depending on the person) you will peak and reach the highest point of the trip. Here you may find you have touched or are witnessing the divine. The divine is an idea of whatever your mind believes it may be, its usually based on ideas of our learnt history; God, Celestial beings, Aliens, etc… I suggest maybe not labeling them/it and experiencing this intense and beautiful show that is rarely witnessed. Do not be afraid, it will all pass and do not take it for granted. If you are ever scared, remember: “I just want to be an observer.”

Phase Five: Separating the Ego and Running through the Psychological Mills of your Mind

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Dark Side of The Moon

Track: Brain Damage and into Eclipse

What is the Ego? The ego is a voice of judgement. It can be rational sometimes. But can be detrimental and it is only part of you, not all of you. Being an observer can help. That voice happens unconsciously everyday within us, becomes more prominent and if you really identify with it, it becomes more and more real. If you’re conscious enough with the help of awareness and psychedelics/meditation, it can be separated.

This is a tricky challenge when going through a psychedelic experience.

Be prepared to go through fears of your past, present day and potential futures.

The track reveals some intensity in lyrics and sound production. I like that they touch on the lunacy that happens in our minds.

Phase Six: Forgiveness

Artist: Palmbomen II

Album: Palmbomen II

Track: Leo Danzinger

All these questions can bring up people, situations in your life. Thats ok.

I found I have way more empathy for those who I believe have done me wrong in my past. I was able to see their struggle, and forgive them. I was also able to forgive myself for these very human reactions and feelings now knowing these feelings don’t serve me anymore. The track is just straight up gentle. What can I say.

Phase Seven: Oscillating

Artist: Hiroshi Yoshimura

Album: Soundscape 1: Surround

Track: Something Blue

After peaking hours and hours later. You may still oscillate between divine, ego; psychological mills, and “reality.” The track is a gentle way to come back, and process. Again, you don’t have all the answers but now you have this new found experience.

Welcome back from your trip! Hope it was mindful, helpful and healing.

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You can catch Maylee Todd at this year’s Venus Fest, a Toronto music festival an concert series celebrating feminism in the arts, which will take place September 20th, 21st and 22nd. You can gab tickets for the festival here. 

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