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Roam shares the poems that helped him achieve emotional catharsis

"In 2018 I revisited those songs and updated them because I finally felt comfortable releasing those feelings and memories into the world."

By: Roam
March 29, 2019

I created DEPTHS back in 2016 after processing a series of events that caused me immense emotional pain and drove me into a period of mental illness. I wanted to capture all of the events that happened and transform them into something tangible as a way of achieving catharsis and telling a piece of my story. In 2018 I revisited those songs and updated them because I finally felt comfortable releasing those feelings and memories into the world. These poems are meant to help illustrate each of the songs meanings so that listeners can understand the intentionality behind the every instrument, arrangement, use of musical tension & vocal sample.

The Fall

You were a warm early autumn breeze
against an armour, cold and uninviting.
Arriving at the perfect time
to change me.

Things I thought were long lost, now awakened
Foreign feelings, forgotten along with past ghosts
now here again…for a kindred spirit.

I stowed my defences
So my heart could be a home
wide open to you.


It’s the same as before, but different.

I am falling again…into a bittersweet familiarity.
Warmth is absent, replaced by detachment
from a self
plunging farthest into an enveloping darkness
Old shadows surround me
to caress a worthless shell.

It’s the same as before, but different.

The race of thoughts, now paused at a standstill
Rushed from a grey uncertainty into a empty blackness
of their own design
This is what happens
When a deep mind, loses itself
to it’s own depths…

It is the same as before…but different…


Muffled screams ripple through the sullen veil,
I know this battle well.
Battered hands
stay the nails from my coffin
and bang against this prison
that is my personal hell.

Cement arms begin the ascent
from sunken hopes, sunken feelings
I feared healing.
This evening I wept
till my eyes found clarity 

Now I just need time, this place has no ceiling.

Exits (Ft. Lois)

I danced
with my own chaos
for almost 3 years.
My vessel is exhausted, by these steps
two forward
one back

into the past.
The mire of nostalgia
drags my heels,
It’s a trap, painting itself in rosy hues
hiding it’s blues, greys and the black.

I can’t return. I can’t ever fall that deep.
Not again. People need me. I need me.
“I can’t do this anymore”

My latest release, “All Night”  is an ode to the hedonistic urges brought on by nightlife in the city as a 20-something. The music is meant to personify the temptress that these urges can become when we feel the need to escape the mundane routines of day time into the more dangerous excesses offered by lounges, low key parties, late night condo gatherings & hidden after-hours spots. This is the first song out of a series of songs from my upcoming Spotify playlist called CLUB 27, inspired by the 27 club of musicians who struggled with personal demons & hedonistic tendencies.

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