10 movie moments guaranteed to spark a happy cry

C'mon, you know you need one. Time to get your tissues out.

April 10, 2019

Films have the power to rouse our emotions, imbuing us with everything from laughter to fear. The most elusive of the film-feelings, however, seems to be the enigmatic “happy cry” — those moments of pure, overwhelming joy that hit so hard you can’t help but break down your emotional damn and let those tears flow. As rare as it may be, it’s a welcome feeling which serves as an affirmation that “Hey, I just had significant emotional response to a toy cowboy being donated to a new owner, maybe I’m not a monster after all!”

Whether you find yourself feeling out of sorts (or out of fucks to give), we’ve rounded up 10 perfect flicks to throw on—and the iconic moments within them—that are sure to turn on those happy-tear taps and remind you of your humanity.

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