10 pop stars who embraced their double horns with metal-inspired merch

Everyone's born ready to rock.

June 10, 2019

For outsiders, the genre of metal can seem as impenetrable as the literal wall on Bathory’s Under the Sign of the Black Mark. But one golden fact remains (whether purists want to acknowledge it, or not): metal shirts are for everyone. Whether you’re a 2000s Disney princess or have plans to cure the ills of the world the power of Pepsi, the metal shirt has become as much of a fashion statement as it has a fandom statement. It’s no surprise that the genre’s aesthetic has become increasingly embraced by artists from across the musical spectrum, all looking to add an edge to their merch.

From Yeezus skulls to heavy-metal holiday sweaters, beyold 10 pop stars, rockers and rappers who’ve looked to the riff-heavy and occasional satan-worshipping world of metal for inspiration when it comes to their merch.

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