12 show-stealing cameos by Canadians on The Simpsons

Justin Trudeau's big debut on Sunday is far from the first time Springfield has looked to the North for inspiration.

April 23, 2019

The Simpsons appear to be Canada-bound this upcoming Sunday, with Springfield’s first family taking on Niagara Falls for this week’s episode – complete with a warm welcome from the Prime Minister himself (well, kinda).

The episode, titled “D’Oh Canada”, will reportedly involve Lisa Simpson finding political asylum on the Canadian side of the Falls. Though the Simpsons have previously travelled north of the border in “The Bart Wants What It Wants” and “I’m Spelling As Fast I Can”, things up here have changed a lot since those episodes aired in the early 2000s – including the leadership of Justin Trudeau, which the show plans to incorporate into its take on Canadian politics.

Though Trudeau will indeed be Simpson-ified for this week’s appearance, he’s understandably a bit busy to lend his voice to the animated sitcom. Instead, that duty will be undertaken by Canadian journalist Lucas Meyer, who broke the news earlier this week:

In an interview with the CBC, Meyer claimed his Simpsons gig came to fruition when producers contacted him about a video he had uploaded back in 2017 collecting his impressions of a number of celebrities. In addition to Trudeau, Meyer appears to have also honed his chops mimicking other celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and fellow Canadian  Don Cherry:

Though we might not be getting the real deal when it comes to Trudeau’s Simpsons appearance, that’s not to say that the long-running animated sitcom hasn’t shown a lack of love for those born north of the border. Since premiering in 1989, the show has come to feature near-weekly celebrity voice cameos – among them a fair share of Canadians. Above, we’ve highlighted 12 Canadians who have taken a trip to Springfield over the course of the show.

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