18 movies that turn 18 in 2018

2000 brought us everything from critical darlings to an action movie scored by Limp Bizkit.

December 30, 2017

Where were you in the year 2000? In diapers? In high school? Fretting in your underground bunker about the Y2K virus you hadn’t yet realized was never really a big deal? We were mostly somewhere in the middle. Middle school, that is. Our hair was spiked; we wore visors. Our pants were fluffy, and huge, and our cell phones (if we had them) were basically just Snake machines.

Suffice to say, we were restless. And that’s why even though 2000 was far from the best year in movies, we spent most of our time at the local cineplex, watching most of the movies you see below. Some, we had to wait ’til our parents were asleep to watch. Please don’t ground us, mom!

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