2017 Pop Culture Gift Guide

Last minute gift ideas for the binge-watchers, gamers and superfans in your life.

December 10, 2017

2017 provided no shortage of trending content, particularly in the world of pop culture, and we’re all about it.

Did the introduction of MadMax on Stranger Things 2 help to distract from last season’s “where’s Barb” phenomenon? What about the Archie Comics revival with the gang of Riverdale—did it make you appreciate the characters from the old books in a way you hadn’t since you first read them as a kid? Did you jive to Taylor Swift’s rebirth on the bold new Reputation album like a million other Swifties? Whatever tickled you this year, you’re not alone, and thankfully there are a number of gifts to commiserate these sensational pop culture moments (complete with the necessary nostalgia checkpoints, obviously).

Here are some of our favourite gifts for that pop culture fanatic in your life, which can totally be you, too—we don’t judge!

all prices in canadian dollars. click on the image or in the title to purchase.

Madrid x Stranger Things MadMax Explosion, $322

We don’t really need to share how much of a phenomenon Stranger Things 2 is do we? You get it. Special attention goes to the newest addition to the cast, MadMax, who gave some great inspiration for collectibles this year, particularly with this skateboard, which is a direct replica from the show, right down to the bearings. This is a perfect choice for a diehard fan, but one that can also put the board to good use, even if that means it doesn’t leave the basement display.

Jurassic World Limited Edition Gift Set, $75

Jurassic Park fans rejoice! A first peek at the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom just dropped, and while we will have to wait until June to see it in theatres, it doesn’t mean we can’t dive back into the action now—and by we, we mean you and your friends. Check out this limited edition package, which includes some BluRay discs and a couple dinosaur bookends to tide you over.

Funko POP Bernard Lowe Action Figure, $5.99

We’re still tripping from one of the biggest breakout shows of 2017, especially because we just want to be one of the human-like androids already. One our Westworld favourites is Bernard Lowe, and an action figure like this is perfect for gifting. Funko is a company known for their adorably crafted POP! characters, and with a price tag like this, why not get a couple more? Start a village. Find your tribe, or just click here for Star Wars, DC Comics and more teeny creations.

Wonder Woman Mug, $12

Whether you’re looking for something retro or modern, a Wonder Woman gift is a great addition to any holiday list this year. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins defied Hollywood sexism and strongholds with the critical (and commercial) smash, and what better way to celebrate than with a nice cup of java?

Taylor Swift Reputation, $15.97

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation Tour’ tickets were unleashed and many Swifties took to Twitter to express their excitement, and in some cases dismay, at the cost of them. In case you’re unaware, Swift has set up a sort of hierarchy system where the more fans buy, support, share, the higher their rank is, and the better seats (and other goodies) they’ll receive. A code is sent to these loyal followers and this code then allows them to go full beast mode when it comes to reaping Swift rewards—being first at these pre-sale tickets is one perk we’ve seen so far. That being said, you don’t have to go full beast mode and buy these expensive tickets, instead, you can just get the record and recite it while shredding up old photos of yourself….(that got dark fast).

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13 Reason Why ‘Listen Necklace’, $11.94

Jewelry can speak volumes, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Take this charm necklace for example—inspired by the controversial Netflix show from Selena Gomez and company, 13 Reasons Why, which costs under $30.

Dr Who earrings ($20), T-shirt ($30), Slipper sock ($20)

For the crazed Dr. Who fan (newbie or veteran), give them this complete head-to-toe package—they’ll love it, and they’ll also be prepared for transportation when the time comes.

Disney Mickey Mouse 5 quart Oval Slow Cooker, $105.95 CAD

Mickey Mouse never goes out of style, and when it comes to cooking having him dancing around your friend’s pot is sure to make them want to stir up a wholesome chili, right? Customization at its finest, this gift pairs an iconic Disney character with practical cookware—how can you go wrong? Well, you could, let’s say if someone hates Mickey, but no one hates Mickey, right? There are other options available too.

Sonic Mania, $25.99

If you’re on the hunt for something nostalgic that pulses with a fresh heartbeat, there’s no greater hedgehog to invest in than Sonic. Sonic Mania has arrived just in time for Christmas, so go collect those coins, whiz around the track and reflect on those competitive matches as a child or start new ones—either way Sonic is here for you. The all-new experience pays tribute to Classic Sonic and your other favourites like Tails and Knuckles are along for the ride too. Get ready to test out new paths, uncover treasures, and try to beat Dr. Eggman. The game is available on PlayStation 4, >Xbox One, >Nintendo Switch and PC (via STEAM).

Sonic Mania: Collector’s Edition, $159

You can even go a step further and give this limited-edition gift set.

Jughead Crown Hat, $55

This crown hat was handmade using wool and rests on the head ever so lightly, in true Jughead form. There are two sizes available, small-medium and medium-large, so even big headed Jugheads can look the part.  

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Game of Thrones Hold The Door Mat, $50.40

Got a friend that just can’t stop talking about Sansa and Arya killing Littlefinger and the master manipulators sisters in general? Us too. While there are a wide variety of Game of Thrones collectibles, we really dig this mat just because it makes a simple statement: enter at your own risk.

Film Map, $43

For the film buff in your life, nothing will geek them out harder than this gigantic film roadmap that intersects cult classics like Reservoir Dogs and Easy Street with holiday favourites like Miracle on 34th Street. How does the history of popular film unfold? Find out by following the legend. Surely, this is one the best conversations starters, too, because everyone has a favourite movie, and chances are it’s made the map.

Pixel Pals – Vault Boy, $19+

If you’re looking for a pop culture gift for someone who loves classic TV cartoon shows or games like Ren and Stimpy and Street Fighter, or for that friend that has kids, score extra points with these pals, which illuminate (and all you need to make them are a couple of triple A batteries—which aren’t included). They settle perfectly on a window seal, shelf, fridge—anywhere.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, $13.49

Ernest Cline’s breakthrough debut novel is about to hit the big screen thanks to an effects-heavy Stephen Spielberg adaptation, so why not find out what all of the fuss is about? Ready Player One comes in at a modest 400 pages, and each one is equal parts adrenaline packed and captivating.

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