5 bold and brilliant stand-up comedy specials streaming on Netflix Canada right now

Spoiler alert: side-splitting laughter couldn't go hand-in-hand with a healthy dose of social commentary.

October 1, 2019

Chances are that twenty, ten years ago, the image of “stand-up comedian” would conjure a pretty specific image in your mind: white dude, too much hair gel, bad sports jacket with the sleeves rolled up too high, and probably complaining about his wife, or whoever else wouldn’t return his advances.

Today, that’s (thankfully) far from the case. Comedy’s come a long way from mother-in-law jokes shouted in front of fake brick walls, and while there’s still plenty of that, there’s also much more perspectives populating contemporary comedy.

Not only has Netflix been holding it down on the comedy front, dropping specials seemingly every week, but they’ve also been holding it down when it comes to making sure that this steady stream of laughs showcases as many voices and approaches as possible. From Hasan Minhaj’s Peabody-award winning Homecoming King, to Hanna Gadsby’s instant-phenomenon Nanette, it seems that when it comes to daring, one-of-a-kind comedy, Netflix is the place to be.

So stop scrolling (you’ll probably just end up watching Gilmore Girls again, anyway) and check out the list above, where we’ve highlighted 5 stand-up specials that you can watch on Netflix right this second, each fitting the platform’s M.O. of making you laugh in unique and challenging ways.

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