6 films from the 2010s that helped bring romantic comedies back to life

December 4, 2019

Who killed the romantic comedy?  Indistinguishable movie posters? Gerard Butler? Or did it just collapse under the weight of those huge-cast, holiday-themed romances from ten years ago? Whoever the culprit may be, they’re guilty of leaving an entire movie genre lame and lifeless at the beginning of the decade. The good news? Ten years later, romantic comedies are heading into the 2020’s with a new lease on life thanks to a handful of genre-reviving movies from the past couple of years.

The key to bringing the romantic comedy back from the dead? Whether it’s Bridesmaids showing everyone that the Seth Rogens of the world aren’t the only people allowed to be raunchy, or To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before proving that just because you’re a teen romance doesn’t mean you have to be a dumb romance, the main trend between the romantic comedy heavy-hitters from the past few years seems to be that they all make sure to place smart, diverse voices in the driver’s seat.

To celebrate the return of such a beloved movie-making tradition (Pretty Woman remake when?), we’ve gathered some of the most influential films from the past ten years when it came to reuniting the laughs and the feels.

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