A definitive ranking of Orphan Black’s best clones

We have to talk about Clone Club.

June 9, 2017

If you watch Orphan Black there’s one thing every fan can agree on: Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actor. Canadian born and bred, Maslany is a master of accents and minute mannerisms. Not only does she play over 20 different clones, she even plays those clones impersonating the other clones. She crushes it every time and humbly defers her success to other people (did anyone else see her adorable Emmy speech?).

So, in honour of Orphan Black’s final season, which is about to start, here’s our eight favourite clones, ranked, and Maslany’s most memorable performances.

(Obvs, there’s gunna be some spoilers. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya…)

8. Katja Obinger

She dies almost immediately, but she causes all kinds of havoc in the first season, both while dead and alive. Maslany shows off her German accent and rocks that red hair. R.I.P., Katja.

7. Beth Childs

Other than Sarah, she is the first clone that we see in season one. Beth is when we start to see Maslany really distinguishing the mannerisms of each clone, and when the show hits on important issues like mental illness. Thankfully as the seasons go on, we learn more about Beth and her troubled backstory. R.I.P., Beth.

6. Rachel Duncan

Rachel is the ~betchiest~ clone. She starts off robotic and chilly (how is her hair so perfect all the time?), but Malsany brings some depth and warmth to the character in rare moments of emotion. Though she can’t crack the top five, we have to give her points for rocking that eyepatch for so long.

5. Sarah Manning

The star of the show, Sarah is a badass betch. She provides a lot of steamy scenes (whoever chose Michiel Huisman as her baby daddy was a genius), but she has all the responsibility, which can make her a little annoying at times. That being said, she is so important to the storyline that she ~obviously~ makes top five.

4. Cosima Niehaus

Ah, Cosima. She’s confident when it comes to sciency things but endearingly timid when it comes to relationships. She’s had a rough couple of seasons, constantly going back and forth between her health problems and girlfriends, but she keeps rocking a positive attitude throughout (and some seriously cool dreads, too). And now that Delphine is back, we can’t wait to see where they stand!

3. Krystal Goderitch

Krystal has had a relatively small part in this series, but she has definitely made an impact. Her valley girl appearance and way of speaking provide some comic relief during some pretty dark times. She fearlessly takes matters into her own hands, and even if she’s a little off with her suspicions, you have to admire her persistence.

2. Alison Hendrix

I never thought I would have placed Alison here in the beginning, but she has really come into her own. Originally a little reluctant to join in the fight, she has been through some crazy changes (killing her neighbour and burying Dr. Leekie under her garage for starters), and now has some of the best and strangest scenes (her sex scene with Donnie and the money? Cringe). Recently, Alison has really let her freak flag fly, and not just with those horrible bangs.

1. Helena

I mean really, was there ever any doubt? Helena has the best lines, the craziest hair, and she just won’t die. Her maniacal laugh and loyalty to the sestras keeps things hella interesting. Also, we can all appreciate her intense love of food.

Because she’s the best, please enjoy some extra Helena GIFs.

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