A Little Black Dress for every St. Vincent album

Annie Clark has been redefining the concept of a little black dress for years now.

October 27, 2017

If there is anything I’ve tried as one of of St. Vincent’s biggest fans (yeah, I said it), it’s to adopt her badassery—and class—into an aesthetic I can afford. But, if there’s one common thread throughout her style evolution, it’s her dedication the Little Black Dress (or at least the concept of it). Over the course of her career, St. Vincent has mastered, revamped, and completely reimagined the LBD — sometimes taking the concept, then departing from the actual dress itself. And when it comes to our favourite looks from her, there are SO many solid options, you can’t just choose one.

Here is one LBD look by album (intentionally did not include Love This Giant, sorry) that you can replicate at a party, funeral, or as an everyday look.

Actor (2007)

What was 2007 without meticulously windswept dresses and long, pendant jewellery? Think Paris Hilton post-Simple Life. Here’s a similar killer look from her video for the song “Marrow” that you can wear in the summer — or add tights and boots to in the cooler months.

Marry Me (2009)


YES! I mean, here’s one of the easiest St. Vincent looks to replicate, mostly because you might already have a comparable black dress. I personally have a hard time finding dresses and jumpsuits that fit me, so I usually pair black shirts with pants/shorts to trick people into thinking I’m wearing a jumpsuit. It’s also more versatile that way, so, you’re welcome.

Strange Mercy (2011)

By the time Strange Mercy  was released in 2011, Annie had fully embraced the charms of older style eras — in the music video for “Cruel,” she’s serving up 1970’s grocery store chic, and the track “Surgeon” was inspired by notes from Marilyn Monroe’s diary. Also notable about this period is the abundance of alternatives to heels. If you’re not a big fan of heels (aka me), pair it with some oxfords or floral loafers like she does in this video for Rookie Mag (while also she’s casually teaching us how to do a rainbow kick!) You can also use the same lipstick from the previous look. Score!

St. Vincent (2014)

Ah yes, the era when St. Vincent bleached her brown curls into blonde submission and re-created her iconic curly hair into… even more iconic curly hair, like in her video for “Birth in Reverse.”  Bring in her look above (from when she played a show at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville)  for a party look or dressed down with white sneakers and a leather jacket.


Every outfit in the music video for “New York” is something that makes you go “damn, I didn’t think that would look good together,” but of course it does. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy wearing latex or shiny leather—it’s a personal thing—but I do enjoy the bright colours. However, the jumpsuit above is the video’s “magnum opus,” and quite honestly, is better than any LBD I could imagine. There, I said it. It’s the thing you wear when you have to “adult” and to go to some sort of fancy function like a wedding but want to look chic. It also probably sits in your closet for longer than you’re comfortable with, but that’s why you caress it lovingly like an old friend. Pro tip: you can buy a strapless dress or jumpsuit and get detachable sleeves. Again, you’re welcome.

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