Alter Egos: Owen Pallett transforms into Brian Eno

The Oscar-nominated composer, violinist, and songwriter tries out one of the visionary musician’s most iconic looks.

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February 28, 2019

Alter Egos is not a typical makeover over show. No one will be receiving makeup advice in an effort to disguise their perfect imperfections, or replacing their wardrobe to fit an arbitrary societal norm. Alter Egos will be transforming musicians, who already have style and confidence, into either their favourite groundbreaking musical icon, or new artists on the vanguard of culture.

Each episode will profile an artist, exploring their fluid opinions on their style, creative inspirations, and career in the process.  But the weight of this show lies in the art of transformation: we want to know what elements of a musical icon—from their illustrious creative output, to the style that drives their public image—has inspired their own craft.  And perhaps by becoming their alter ego, the musician in transformation may discover a new part of themselves — or at the very least end, up with an amazing outfit.

In our first episode, Owen Pallett transforms into Brian Eno.

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