Avoid sketchy creeps in your movies and shows using this site

Don't worry, the Last Jedi is in the clear.

December 20, 2017

Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large continue to weather allegation after allegation of sexual impropriety, and if you’re a conscientious entertainment consumer, there’s really no way to know if the piece of media you’re about to watch is affiliated with a figure embroiled in the seemingly endless parade of horrible headlines. Until now, that is, thanks to Rotten Apples.

Created by a team of Los Angeles advertising pros, the recently-unveiled site purports to be a one-stop database where concerned viewers can quickly check on any existing allegations tied to the stars or high-profile producers of a given movie or TV show, and rates the film/show as either Fresh or Rotten respectively, like a certain other popular film review aggregator.

See what happens when you type in, for instance, Pulp Fiction:

The Weinsteins’ names link to USA Today and The New Yorker pieces about allegations of sexual harassment towards the brothers, and Travolta’s sends users to this Daily Beast article concerning about an accusation of sexual battery.  “I think the tool serves as a commentary on how pervasive the problem is,” said Annie Johnston, the site’s creative director, to Vanity Fair. “We’re trying to empower people with information.”

With all that in mind, let’s do a quick check of some of the most popular entertainment media, and see how they stack up :

Good news, Star Wars fans… though the same can’t be said of another high-profile action-adventure fantasy:

The best movie of 2017 gets an all-clear:

As does the best sitcom:

But that isn’t the case with one of TV’s best dramas:

Sadly, it’s likely Rotten Apples will be getting a lot of updates in the future.

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