Boy Meets World cast prove the 90’s are alive in adorable photo recreation

Corey and Topanga 4ever.

August 29, 2018

Boy Meets World is more than just a veritable buffet of nostalgia-driven millennial comfort food, it might just be our generation’s War and Peace, presenting a saga that spans decades, generations, and countless lives, propelled forward by the beating hearts of goals-couple Corey and Topanga. Perhaps no stronger evidence exists of how deeply intertwined the lives of the major players in the Meets World-iverse remain (that’s a thing now, I said so) than a photo posted this past weekend from Wizard World in Chicago.

The photo in question involves the aforementioned Corey and Topanga (real names Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, respectively), along with Corey’s childhood ride-or-die Shawn (Rider Strong) and older brother Eric (Will Friedle) joining forces to recreate an iconic cast photo of the foursome from around the show’s debut (back in 1993, yikes):

We hate each other

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Topanga (I refuse to acknowledge these people exist outside of the Meets World-iverse, okay?) posted the side-by-side snapshots with the cheeky caption of “We hate each other,” proving that though the further adventures of the Matthews clan may be on pause after the cancellation of Girl Meets World, the crew is probably still be game for Grandkid Meets World somewhere down the line.

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