Cat named after Notorious B.I.G. survives after being shot multiple times

The cat was shot with a pellet gun in the head, neck, jaw and back.

November 24, 2017

A cat from Prince George, British Columbia named Biggie – yes, named after the late Christopher Wallace – is recovering after surviving being shot by a pellet gun multiple times.

Biggie the cat went missing from his owner Nicole Crandell’s house earlier this month on November 3rd, but was found by a local veterinarian who told Crandell Biggie was alive, and full of gun pellets. “He had pellets in his head, in his cheek, his neck, his jaw, his back,” Crandell told the CBC. “The vet said the way the pellets were in his head, it’s like a pellet gun was held up to his head and his body… they were doing this on purpose.”

The SPCA is investigating the incident, and Biggie appears to be making a full recovery. Man,what we’d give to have read that headline back in 1997.

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