Fantasy football loser nails Shania Twain lip-sync “punishment”

He came in last in his league and had to sing Shania as punishment.

September 7, 2017

For a lot of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — the NFL is back, and while the league has its problems (…duh), football is the bad habit so many of us just can’t quit.

With the start of the season comes another boon for fans: fantasy sports.

While some would describe fantasy sports as Dungeons & Dragons for jocks, and while that’s partially true, fantasy football is a key part of life for sports fans. If you follow a terrible team (sorry, Jets fans), they can give you something to root for; if you’ve got a gambling problem, they give you another place to play. Fantasy sports are an easy way to catch up or stay in touch with friends, too, which leads to some hilarious circumstances (like you’d see on The League, only actually funny).

Usually, leagues have trophies. Sometimes, they have punishments. And this punishment is a thing of beauty. When Nelson Maccini lost in his league, he was told he had to post a lip-sync video as punishment.

Is it really punishment if you’re having this much fun, though? [h/t Reddit]

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