Finn from Stranger Things is in a band

Coolest 14-year-old around.

May 15, 2017

Before he killed it in Stranger Things, we knew Finn Wolfhard for his turn as a young Stefan Babcock facsimile in Pup’s dope “Guilt Trip” video. After his turn in Stranger Things, he revisited the role in “Sleep in the Heat,” the band’s continuation of the “Guilt Trip” story that made us cry like little babies the day it dropped.

But beyond making us want to hug our pets and never let go, the clip also gave us a taste of Finn on guitar. And it turns out, he wasn’t acting. Vice sat down with director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and Pup singer Stefan Babcock, and it turns out Finn (and co-star Malcolm, on drums) learned how to play the song for real.

They took that energy and ran with it and now they’ve got a band of their own. They’re called Calpurnia, and you can watch them absolutely slay a Pixies cover below.

And here, covers of New Order and Guns N’ Roses:

We’re not embarrassed to say it – at 14 years old, this kid’s already cooler than we’ll ever be!

Season 2 of Stranger Things hits Netflix on Halloween. Check him out in “Guilt Trip” and “Sleep in the Heat” below.

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