62 episodes in, fans have spent 90+ minutes watching the Game of Thrones intro

If you've watched every episode of Game of Thrones so far, you've spent a LOT of time on the intro.

July 26, 2017

If there’s one thing I can’t get behind when it comes to the era of Prestige TV™, it’s the  theme songs. More specifically, how bloody long they can be. And because Netflix has added a “skip theme” button, I know I’m not alone here. But Orange is the New Black is just one of the culprits, and Game of Thrones has it beat by about 30 seconds. Yes, at more than 90 seconds, the Game of Thrones theme is just long enough to hit the head and wash up. But if you’ve been sitting through it every week, at 62 episodes, that means you’ve spent more than 90 minutes watching the maps of Westeros unfold.

Yes, someone on Reddit did the math.

The thing is, if you’re deep into the Song of Ice and Fire saga, you almost have to watch it. The intro changes week to week, season to season, and as we’re learning with the Wall, is often filled with secrets.

If you have watched every episode of Game of Thrones then you have spent an hour and 33+ minutes watching just the intro from television

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