Gamers are freaking out about Super Mario Odyssey’s theme song

What says Mario like big-band swing music?

June 13, 2017

Ah, E3, the trade show/promo blitz where us gamers and gamerkind join together in a consumer frenzy to celebrate the entertainment products that give our lives blessed, blessed meaning. Well, that, and video games are extremely cool.

The 23rd annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is currently taking place in Los Angeles, and the video game industry is currently heaving itself into promo paroxysms, with approximately 1000 new announcements coming every second. Nintendo, the grandaddy of game companies is no different: to promote the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey, the latest in the long line of games about a diminutive Italian tradesman who hates turtlekind, they showed off a new trailer during its E3 presentation earlier today. The conceit this time: Mario’s hat “Cappy” is sentient, and you can use him to enter the bodies of and control everything from a T-rex, to a taxi, to a human being!

That Nintendo released a trailer isn’t that interesting in itself; I mean, game conglomerates have been known to release trailers from time to time. It was the accompanying soundtrack, though, that made some Nintendo fans stand up and take notice:

A new Mario game and twee big-band swing music: two great tastes that taste….pretty good together, conceptually. Swing revival: you thought it was dead in the late 90’s, but Mario’s brought it back, possibly through use of his magic sentient hat. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a resurgent Squirrel Nut Zippers responsible for this.

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