The most anticipated TV shows returning in 2019

Now that you've recovered from seeing the Stranger Things poster, check out 9 other shows to get excited about this year.

January 3, 2019

“New year, new me,” right guys? Less beer, more kombucha! Less TV, more books! It all seems so easy until the poster for the new Stranger Things season drops, or you realize we’re mere months away from living in a Game of Thrones-less world.

Totally hypothetical, but if you were to put down your copy of Infinite Jest for a little bit of a binge-watch at any point, it’s important to make sure you’re wasting your time properly. That’s why we’ve highlighted a handful of different shows dropping this year – the funny, the sad, the far far away – that will all be good enough that you won’t feel bad about not reading more.

That’s also not to say that you shouldn’t read books. Books are cool. Sometimes, though, TV is cooler.

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