Here’s why HQ host Scott Rogowsky looks so familiar

He first went viral with his subway trolling collection of fake book covers.

January 17, 2018

If you’re reading this, we’ll safely assume you’ve played HQ by now. And unless you only checked it out during his brief but well-earned vacation, that means you secretly stan for its host, Scott Rogowsky. Saying that the anointed Quiz Daddy steals the show is an understatement—Host Malone himself’s ability to keep hundreds of thousands of people watching, even after they’ve inevitably been eliminated four or five questions in, cannot be understated. His comedic timing is impeccable; his nuanced pop culture references (which range from ridiculous puns to Captain Beefheart deep cuts) effortlessly fly off in between cocktail trivia and questions about Pablo Picasso’s muse. He’s so good, and natural, that you want to ask: “How is this the first time we’re seeing this dude?”

Well, it’s not. And for those of you who had a finger-snapping “HOW DO I KNOW HIM?” moment when you first booted up the app (or re-booted it after one of its inevitable, early-day crashes), here’s how:


Back in 2016, when HQ was just something nerds called their offices and the only Quiz Daddy we knew was Trebek, Rogowsky was going viral as “that guy on the subway with the fake book jackets.” And he deserved it, because they were—no, are—absolutely hilarious.

We all remember the headlines:

Guy Takes Fake Book Covers Onto Subway To See How People React

This Guy Casually Read Fake Books By Trump On The Subway, And People Lost It

Watch This Guy Troll People On The Subway With Fake Book Covers

And so on, and so forth.

And it’s true. He did troll Trump:

And with the help of Akilah Hughes, the reactions he got were absolutely fantastic.

But don’t take our word from it—inevitably, we’re a few hours away from the next HQ game, so relive the first time Rogowsky had you cackling with his fake book videos below:

These are all from his fantastic Running Late Show, which is still online, obviously, because it’s the internet and things don’t just, like, disappear.

Catch you later, HQties!

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