Horror director wants to make Kanye West biopic

The brain behind It Comes At Night wants to try his hand at a Yeezus flick.

July 11, 2017

If a Kanye West biopic ever goes ahead, who would be a better choice to head things up than an up-and-coming horror director? OK, granted, Penelope Spheeris, but what if she’s unavailable?

In an interview with The Independent, It Comes At Night filmmaker Trey Edward Shults voiced his ambition to make a movie about everyone’s favourite 40-year-old and expensive haircut enthusiast Kanye West.

“I have a dream of doing a Kanye West biopic,” Shults says. “My dream is he will somehow see and like my movies and let me pick his brain apart — to make the ultimate one-of-a-kind biopic we haven’t yet seen [that will] explore this man. I think it’d be amazing. There’s so much to explore. I just want to chill out with Kanye and make something great. I think he’ll like this next movie that I’m writing.”

In case you haven’t seen It Comes At Night, it’s the latest in a series of hotshot distributor A24’s successful, heartwarming tales of human compassion and perseverance, so a Kanye West picture ought to be right up their alley.

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