Is Kanye West launching his own streaming service?

Kanye's making moves.

November 8, 2017

Remember when TiDAL launched in 2010? Remember that video with Calvin Harris rubbing shoulders with Daft Punk, and Madonna pecking Nicki Minaj on the cheek.? Despite the artist-owned streaming platform receiving relentless jabs for its exclusivity, it was kinda hard NOT to root for a bunch of ridiculously famous musicians who wanted to regain control on an industry that had failed the artists it profited from.

One person who seems to have have departed from that vision is Kanye West. In July of 2017, a source close to Kanye confirmed the following:

[That] exclusivity rights have been terminated based on what is alleged to be Tidal’s failure to honor its financial obligations.

While the release of Jay- Z’s newest release, 4:44, was certified platinum 4 days after its release, Kanye claims that Tidal still owned him 3 million dollars for The Life of Pablo.

Naturally, Yeezy decided if he couldn’t join them, beat them. Earlier this month, Kanye’s representatives trademarked “Yeezy Sound” for purposes that include “streaming of music, audio, images, video and other multimedia content over the internet.”

It’s unclear what his next step might be but Apple Music better watch out. Maybe.

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