Is this the best headline of the year so far?

Online personality and former Hell Mayor Elijah Daniels' Bible re-work is too gay for Amazon.

September 19, 2017

It almost certainly is.


The article, which comes courtesy of The Independent, concerns the giant online retailer’s banning of a rewritten Bible penned by online personality, former evangelical Christian, and author of Trump erotica Elijah Daniel. Daniel rewrote the Bible to feature cameos from Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and other pop culture figures, and it briefly became the number one new release in Amazon’s Christian ebooks section, but it quickly was removed for unknown reasons.

Not one to turn the other cheek like a certain famous protagonist, the 23-year-old Daniel called out the House of Bezos and put together his own website for selling the maybe-kinda-sorta-blasphemous rework:

Daniel’s serving as “Mayor of Hell” in Detroit and declared heterosexuality illegal during his reign, as one does, may have had something to do with his work getting blacklisted:

In any case, no matter what your stance is in “hella gay” Bible rewrites, we can all agree that that headline is going to be hard to top.

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