J Crew’s “I’m a Feminist” shirt sparks applause and controversey

We're here for it.

June 22, 2018

Last weekend J. Crew unveiled a new addition to their boys clothing line, a t-shirt that lets male children proudly let everyone know “I am a feminist too” – a seemingly innocuous-yet-empowering statement that the usual right-wing reactionaries have deemed to be a bridge too far.

The shirt, a collaboration between J. Crew and activist apparel brand prinkshop, has amassed nearly 1,200 comments on its Instagram announcement – most of which initially ranged from people bemoaning how its “pretty gross pushing this on unknowing children rather then letting them decide for themselves their views as they age”, to exclamations such as “You’re pathetic! No more shopping with J. Crew for me!”

Fortunately, the misogynistic tide seems to have turned in the comments, with the discourse having shifted from doomsday-talk about the impending feminization of America’s young boys to people standing up for the shirt and its message.

“If you think that equality between men and women is ‘politics’ or a partisan issue, you’re part of the problem. Plain and simple”, one user writes in a dismantling of the moral panic taking place in the comments section. Others celebrated the shirt’s existence – once user gushed “This is FABULOUS and I will be buying one for every small child I know.” She didn’t seem to be alone, either, as the shirt, which retails for $30USD, is currently sold out in sizes 2 and 3.

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