Jennifer Lawrence wants to be a farmer

The Oscar winner says she wants to take a break from the movie business.

November 27, 2017

Highly-active, highly-paid actress and America’s Sweetheart™ Jennifer Lawrence has shouldered an insane workload over the past few years – she’s averaged three films a year for the past seven. Anyone who keeps up a pace like that (and whose movies earn a combined $5 billion worldwide to-date) deserves some time off, and Lawrence knows exactly how she wants to spend her well-earned break: milking goats, apparently.

In a new interview with Elle, Lawrence says she’s ready to trade in her Oscar nominations and enormous paydays for the simpler things in life, at least for awhile: “I want to get a farm,” she said, when asked how she’d spend her time off. “I want to be, like, milking goats.” Not to knock J-Law’s pretty unimpeachable track record of realness, but we gotta imagine that would get old, or at least turn into a full-on Winter’s Bone 2 shoot, pretty quick.

That said, it’s not like Lawrence is going to be absent theater screens anytime soon: 2018 will see her appear in spy thriller Red Sparrow, another X-Men movie, and Bad Blood, the biopic of Theranos founder and scam artist par excellence Elizabeth Holmes. After that, though, who knows: we could lose her forever, to the allure of goat-milking and 4:30 AM workday starts.

If not farming, J-Law definitely has a second career ahead of her as a late night host. Here she is filling in for Jimmy Kimmel and absolutely killing it:

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