John Cena did a Makeup Tutorial

Brb, taking notes on eye shadow application.

April 2, 2018

In promotion of the film Blockers, out this Friday, stars John Cena and Ike Barinholtz have lent their voices and endearing cluelessness regarding the intricacies of female beauty to Allure for a video of them narrating over a makeup tutorial.

The comfort zones of Cena and Barinholtz veer more toward dealing out German suplexes and Mark Wahlberg impressions, respectively, than they do beauty products; an ignorance that makes their earnest attempts to understand the process of applying makeup all the more hilarious.

Highlights (no pun intended) include the pair’s continued insistence on referring to a beautyblender as a “blue egg” and Barinholtz telling viewers to rub a brush full of baking powder “all over their face” for touch-ups, but the whole video is worth a watch for a glimpse into how foreign this experience is for men: at one point, an utterly flabbergasted Cena remarks “I cannot believe the extensiveness of this process”.

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