Queer Eye’s Fab Five traveled to a town named Yass

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June 6, 2018

The Fab Five of Queer Eye might come from all over the world – Texas, England, even right here in Canada. But it looks like the five of them may have found a place that they can all call home – a small town in Australia, appropriately named ‘Yass.’

Local papers reported that the Fab Five made a down-under pit stop in Yass, in the New South Wales province of Australia, for a little vacation in advance of the new Queer Eye episodes dropping next week. As for the reasons behind their visit, reports remain unclear – ranging from potential photoshoots to hotel makeovers – but whatever it may be, the Five made their presence known with a billboard just outside of the city:

The group’s arrival has been met mostly with open arms, with local business owners coming clean about their attempts to lure cast members into their shops with Kylie Minogue and avocados (a staple ingredient of the Five’s resident food expert, Antoni). Not all the local Yass Queens and Yass Kings seem to be as on board, however, as one resident complained in the most delightfully Australian way possible that “this could take the mickey out of us in a not-so-positive light.”

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