Rashida Jones honours her father’s legacy in new documentary, “Quincy”

Rashida Jones: “My dad’s story is also the story of black America.”

September 17, 2018

Rashida Jones is one of our more low-key creative powerhouses, having occupied the spotlight as an actor, director, and screenwriter for the better part of the decade. Her father Quincy isn’t too bad, either, coming from humble beginnings and having had a hand in everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to the Austin Powers theme. The younger Jones has now honoured her father with her new documentary, Quincy, which just dropped on Netflix.

Rashida’s creative lineage isn’t the main pathway she’s tying to explore through the story of her father: “My dad’s story is also the story of black America. He was born in the ’30s. He’s seen every decade since. He’s been relevant in every decade since, so we’re dealing with a lot of race stuff in this country and it’s important to tell the stories of the past.” Jones hopes that her father’s journey as a black man through eight-plus decades of challenge and change will be a teaching lesson for viewers, as she believes hearing these perspectives are “the only way we can learn. It’s the only way we can change and evolve, and this is a great way to do it.”

That’s not to underplay Quincy’s accomplishments – of which there are dozens, from the aforementioned honour of having produced the best-selling studio album of all time to having played an integral role in helping artists such as Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles explore and establish their sound. Rashida knows this, of course, and admits as much: “I am constantly in awe of how much he’s managed to cram into a lifetime.”

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