Ryan Phillippe can rap!

He spit a verse on Sway in the Morning and honestly it wasn't bad!

July 12, 2017

Ryan Phillipe: actor, writer, director, wrestling promo window dressing, and now, very passable morning show rapper.

Phillippe showed upon Sway on the Morning on Sirius XM yesterday to promote his TV show Shooter and his new movie Wish Upon, and also to try out a new career path: that of a 42-year-old freestyle rapper. Well, depends how you define “freestyle”: he read it off his phone, but it’s not like he’d be the first to hit up Sway with some pre-written bars.

“It’s OK to be surprised man, you couldn’t expect this / Mouths hanging open like when Trump was elected” Phillippe spits, which isn’t a half-bad punchline, provided you aren’t a Trump voter. “Shia was nice man, LaBeouf was a beast, there will be no disrespect cause I don’t want no LeBeef” he also rhymes, namechecking a fellow actor who came with some unexpected heat of his own back in November.

What does this mean for the future career of Mr. Ex-Reese Witherspoon? More rapping or not, let’s hope it includes MacGruber 2.

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