Scrubs is kind of creepy when you can’t hear J.D’s inner monologues

Zach Braff's fantasies were key to the show, but have you ever wondered what they looked like for other characters?

December 6, 2017

Scrubs was one of the funniest shows ever, and a big part of that was J.D.’s internal monologues and imaginative daydream sequences. And so it’s no coincidence that when you take those scenes out, the show is pretty different. But we bet you didn’t think it would be so… uncomfortable?

Just for fun, here’s what it would sound like if you could see Zach Braff’s character working through his thoughts without being able to hear them.

Weird, right?

Of course, any Scrubs fans would know that the show did touch on this in the past. Here’s what happened when the Todd was stuck waiting during one of J.D.’s in-brain adventures:

Scrubs isn’t the only show to have its internal monologue stripped, either. As comedian Jon Friedman jokes, without Daniel Stern’s narration, The Wonder Years is 95% people staring at each other. 

Man, Fred Savage didn’t get enough credit as an actor…

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