Where is Jughead Jones getting all these shearling jackets?!

The first season of Riverdale left one mystery unanswered...

May 19, 2017

Batten down the hatches, guys. This fall will be the season of the shearling collared jacket, all thanks to everyone’s favourite brooding, under-slept teen: Jughead Jones.

If you’ve been following the lives of the Riverdale gang (and don’t lie, you have been), and if you’ve been paying even the slightest amount of attention to the wardrobe of said teens, you’ll pick up on a few things pretty quickly.

For example, most of the show’s characters have a pretty consistent colour palette: Betty in pastels, Veronica in jewel tones, Archie generally in Americana shades, Cheryl in gothic tones.

But while the show’s wardrobe team has done a pretty good job of keeping the characters looking fresh, Jughead’s collection of shearling jackets is a nod to those who cherish their favourite garment and wear it multiple times in their weekly rotation. Only that one garment is now a dozen variations of the same garment. Seriously – the guy owns a lot of shearling.

Let’s take inventory of what we know.

Jughead is a student, and he doesn’t appear to have any job or source of income. Until he was taken in by Archie, he was living in a closet in his school, and before that, in an abandoned movie theatre. Transporting a dozen bulky coats between tiny living spaces may not be most practical.

And yet, every week, in comes Jughead with yet another shearling jacket to add to his collection. During the season finale, we saw no less than FOUR different shearling jackets.

Where are you getting these jackets from, Jughead? Is there a jacket tree growing by Sweetwater River that you harvest your abundant collection from?

And what happens during the summer months in Riverdale? Shearling tanks? Shearling tees? Oh, and I know we’re still waiting for an explanation regarding your shearling-free Serpents jacket. Come on now.

I salute your commitment to stylish outerwear in the face of adversity, Mr. Jones. Until next season, we’ll be anxiously awaiting the unveiling of yet another collection of signature rugged jackets.

(Oh, and when you start finding crown-edged beanies at Hot Topic, don’t say you weren’t warned.)

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