Somebody made a Seinfeld edition of ‘Guess Who?’

Imagen Seinfeld was Guess Who today?

December 18, 2017

“Does he look like a latex salesman?” “Is it Art Vandelay?”

Ever wanted to play the classic Hasbro board game Guess Who?, but with all your favourite Seinfeld characters like Newman, Jerry, and Frank Costanza in the place of the stock characters? Well, thanks to copyright laws you can’t officially, but there’s nothing stopping you from following in the footsteps of Redditor HappyNihilist and making your own: 

What, no Kenny Bania? Still, it’s good to see deep-cut characters such as Mike Moffitt and Babu on there, even if correctly guessing them is probably more difficult than passing yourself off as a marine biologist.

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