Someone added Michael Jackson grunts to John Wick

Not all heroes wear capes. Shamone!

July 4, 2017

John Wick is relentless on his quest for vengeance. In the first film alone, he kills no less than 77 people, 49 of them with headshot. The moral is clear—never mess with a man’s dog.

But as serious and relentless as the movie is, it’s amazing how silly it can become with one quick change. Here’s the movie’s pace-setting scene in Wick’s house with added Michael Jackson grunts. Listen as gunshots are punctuated with Shamoness and the brooding score is replaced by frantic King of Pop palpitations.

Honestly, we’re speechless. The clip’s gone viral on Twitter; @WeNotSucks has lifted it off YouTube. Original link above.

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