Is this really the best Cole Sprouse picture Apple TV could find?

They're using an old, unflattering picture of the Jughead actor when he was still a teenager.

December 1, 2017

Just in case you forgot what Cole Sprouse, aka Jughead on Riverdale, looks like, here’s a refresher:

Damn, right? Pretty sure we’d all head to Pop Tate’s to share a malt with that guy, beanie or not. Someone at Apple TV must hate Cole Sprouse’s take on the character, though, because here’s what the actor’s headshot looks like on the device:


Yikes. Everyone else has a recent picture while Cole’s image is a lasting vestige of his awkward teen years, circa The Suite Life of Cody. Word to the wise, Cole: get that shot updated, before people start wondering which episode of Riverdale 2000’s-era Aaron Carter guest-starred in.

(ED. NOTE, DEC 4: We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that we found this through the incredible Who Weekly? community, and if we didn’t apologize for — intentionally or otherwise — initially borrowing Farrah’s original phrasing in her tweet. We’re about as sorry as whoever at Apple TV did this to Cole Sprouse should be).

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