Someone recreated the Office intro with their adorable dog


June 13, 2018

The dream of an Office reunion may become closer to a reality each and every day, but to tide your hunger over as you await the return of Prison Mike, a video surfaced on the internet featuring an updated intro for the show with the cast replaced by a single – and far cuter – star.

His name is Enzo, and not only is he the new regional manager, assistant to the regional manager, and secretary (along with holder of every other job) at “Dunder Woofin”­ ­– he is a one-year-old Samoyed dog.

The video recreating the opening of the show, appropriately re-titled “The Office Dog,” has catapulted Enzo to fame, having already garnered over five-hundred thousand likes from another account. As the Office’s return comes closer to maybe actually happening, the fluffy pup is probably sitting patiently by his phone awaiting a call from his agent – though should he get the part, let’s just hope Enzo doesn’t take a cue from the old boss and burn his paw on a George Foreman grill.

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