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February 16, 2018

This week, like every other week in recent memory, has been pretty gruesome. While tuning into world events increasingly feels like ripping off a bandaid, the arts have always provided catharsis and escape for moments that are simply a lot to handle. Just for you, we put together a weekly curated list of the latest drops in music, film and style to remember that everything isn’t always doom and gloom.

Black Panther

So, Black Panther came out this week and everything was right in the world. 

Drake – “God’s Plan” 

The “6 God” has blessed us with a video. Late Valentine’s gift perhaps? After the hype surrounding the taping of his video at a Miami high school, the surprising drop is very welcome. Sporting some “started from the bottom” vibes, he gives people a helping hand by handing out money, cheques, and some good vibes and it’s a really beautiful thing. $998,631.90 USD in blessings to be exact.

Solid Perfume by Glossier You

So Glossier reads my mind and manages to consistently manages to release something that I need  Yes, Cloud Paint runs through my veins but coming in a gorgeous suede pouch, their new solid perfume feels luxurious without breaking the bank and smells just as good as their liquid perfume, but stronger. As someone who truly values smelling nice at all hours of the day, this release was perfectly timed.

Frank Ocean -“Moon River”

Frank Ocean delivered his Valentine’s Day gift to the world — a cover of “Moon River.” Originally dropped on his Tumblr page, he captioned the cover “in the late nite” and so of course the internet broke and nothing was the same. The song was sung originally by Audrey Hepburn in the classic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and in Frank Ocean style, re-hashed into something we can cry about until the day we die.

Peace Collective’s Team Canada Hockey Collection

Peace Collective is always here for the fashionable patriot in you. Dropping a hockey collection in time for the Olympics, Peace Collective has got you covered with caps, long sleeves, and t-shirts. Cozy and patriotic, I’m here for all the Canada gear I can wear constantly, especially cheering on Canada in Pyeongchang.

Allan Rayman -“Word of Mouth” 

“Word of Mouth” is another single from the Toronto-based Wyoming native’s recent EP, Courtney. Catchy, sultry, and dynamic, the song definitely grows on you and gives you little indie cred if you so desire. The video is truly stunning and perfect for anyone experiencing even the slightest bit of wanderlust.

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

My reading list is obscene, so it’s almost a miracle I finally was able to get to this collection of essays by Rebecca Solnit. From talking about personal experiences to research on gender, Solnit’s essays truly add nuance to the challenges of being a woman in this day and age. With gender parity and various levels of sexual misconduct growing increasingly relevant day by day (FINALLY), I urge every man and woman to read this book.

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake – “King’s Dead”

Black Panther is truly a cultural experience that is leaving us s h o o k. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but no superhero film has seriously gotten me excited up until now. If you’re not excited enough, the soundtrack is to die for with some seriously big names on the album including Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Vince Staples, Future, SZA, The Weeknd, and we can literally go on and on from there. This music video is really the cherry on top of an all around well curated cultural project. Shout out to the Little Homies for yet another unforgettable music video.

Patricia Bright – Review on It Cosmetics

If you don’t already watch Patricia Bright, it’s time to start. She literally brings the sunshine to my day. She’s hilarious, keeps it real, and is probably one of the most beautiful beings imaginable. Here, she hilariously reviews IT Cosmetics and really brings a balanced review on the brand, including their shade range (or lack thereof) and product quality. She’s also adorable and hilarious and can make anyone smile.

Iceage – “Catch it”

Elias Rønnenfelt has been releasing work predominantly from Marching Church over the last years, and it’s so nice to see him bringing back our beloved Iceage. In true Iceage fashion, the video to their new single “Catch It” focuses on frontman Rønnenfelt in some form of controlled chaos. You’ll be singing in your deepest voice “catch it catch it catch it” until you get a sore throat. Someone pass the lozenges please.


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