The ever-changing aesthetic of St. Vincent

A look at one of music’s most fashion-forward icons (plus some tips on how to steal her look on a budget.)

October 18, 2017

St. Vincent is truly an indisputable jack of all trades. Let’s review: she’s an insanely talented guitarist, a captivating performer, and a memorable lyricist. She can make a masturbation reference almost, if not just as effectively as Nicki Minaj. And, she’s a diplomat and secret soccer star.

Throw fashionable into the mix too and we have the perfect recipe for music’s most perfect girl crush. Here’s a look into some of Annie Clark’s greatest outfits that will make your closet cry (and wallet weep — unless you follow along for some cost-cutting lookalikes in the gallery up top).

Ready-to-Wear St. Vincent

St. Vincent’s aesthetic is not always practical for everyday wear. Unfortunately, I can’t do my grocery shopping in matching velvet undergarments because Canada is cold. However, much like her music, St. Vincent gives us a little something for everyday consumption — including outfits. Here is one of my favourites: in conversation with tUnE-yArDs, the saint herself manages to find the perfect shade of yellow, and combines it with eye popping accessories (you get it, because sunglasses?) and simple basics like jeans and a t-shirt.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Lest we forget Rihanna’s iconic 2007 album, Good Girl Gone Bad, and St. Vincent’s parallel transformation on her 2014 self-titled album, St.Vincent. Here is my personal favourite look from her 2014 tour, where St. Vincent managed to make looking like a used tampon high fashion.

That’s the person she is, and I love it. She also dressed up like a toilet last year, continuing the “washroom” theme.

… this woman can literally do anything.

Red Carpet Queen

I’m biased — I’m OBSESSED with coats. And for a red carpet look? SWOON.


Here we are, the look of today. A blend of elements throughout St. Vincent’s career including pops of vibrant colours, an eye popping item, with an updated inclusion of divisive fabrics like latex and velvet. Here we have multiple looks with summer items we probably all bought from American Apparel once, wore in high school and at university halloween parties and haven’t broke out since.

Bereaved Mistress

It would be a shame to ignore this classic St. Vincent look, described by her as:

St. Vincent has mastered this look five times over, and basically anytime she pops on some red lipstick and a lace dress we all swoon.

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