The evolution of Hayley from Paramore’s hair


May 16, 2017

Hair is a very transformative thing. Out of all aspects of a person’s appearance, it’s the easiest one to change with the least amount of commitment. Some people change their hair after big life events like a breakup or a job change. Others get bangs. Hayley Williams seems to change her hair with every big Paramore event. From albums to tours, her hair has never looked the same twice – we could write an entire article just on her separate orange hair looks (there have been more than you realized). However, today we’re going to ~Decode~ 13 years of Hairamore. Stick with me for more painful puns.

“Emergency” (2005)

Things started off subtle. I could have assumed that her orange hair here was natural (if we didn’t already know it wasn’t), but the yellow chunks were foreshadowing to her bright future.

“Misery Business” (2007)

Ah yes, the classic Hayley. How many young emos took this picture to their hair salon back in the day? This video was released a whopping TEN years ago (we know, it’s scary). Hayley is a true testament to the fact that dyeing your hair temporary colours doesn’t damage it, because if it did… let’s just say she’d need a lot less hair dye. That’s the real misery business.

“Decode” (2008)

Vampire Hayley! Do you think they asked her to try and channel the vibe of the Twilight films with her hair? This look didn’t last long but it’s kind of perfect in its moment – it separates this Twilight soundtrack song from everything else Paramore did before/after it.

“Ignorance” (2009)

Classic Hayley returned for the first single off of Brand New Eyes, but this time her orange was loud and clear. No blonde streaks, no yellow roots…just straight up orange. Was this a sign of how things would be for the whole album cycle?

“Brick By Boring Brick” (2009)

Nope. One more single into the album and Hayley debuted a totally different look as a bleach blonde. Never assume you understand what the hair’s going to do, because it’s always one step ahead of you. Is anyone else upset that literally every hair colour looks good on her?

“Playing God” (2009)

Cotton candy hair has become more popular and socially accepted in recent years, but Hayley was doing it before ~festival vibes~ hit the mainstream. It’s almost weird to look back and think that this wasn’t a normal thing for someone to casually do in popular music.

“Still Into You” (2013)

Hayley’s split hair reminded us all that making decisions isn’t something you need to do. Hair can be sectioned off and all options can be chosen at once. This look matched so perfectly with the dawn of the self-titled era and no matter how many hairstyles she had during it… this is the one I attribute to Album #4. No matter what you tell us, this song is an ode to her love for orange hair. After all this time…

“Ain’t It Fun” (2013)

Baby bangs are a Hayley Williams mainstay, appearing at some point in nearly every hair colour she’s tried, but this level can only be described as “newborn.” The smallest bangs in the world, but somehow so prominent and necessary. It completely transforms this look and reminds us that no one will ever snatch her dye crown.

Good Morning America (2014)

How many possible combos are there for orange hair dye with other colours & haircuts? And has Hayley tried them all yet? Every time we think she’s done it all, she whips out another look like this one from the band’s 2014 gig on Good Morning America. Hayley does this and we call it “fashion” and “goals.” I do this and everyone calls it “a mistake.” How does she make everything work so well??

Momentour (2014)

Monumentour was time for a whole new Hayley. It seemed like she’d done it all, but then you look and realize she’s never really delved into the colours on the cool side of the colour wheel. Most people look better with either warm or cool shades but… ugh, Hayley still looks great. It’s like she’s not even giving the rest of us a chance out here. This was the start of an important hair experimentation phase (potentially the start of research for Good Dye Young?).

APMAs (2015)

Round 2 on the cool colour wheel brought us this knotted purple look at the 2015 APMAs. It wasn’t long before she ended up back in her regular shade range, but I appreciate that she took the time to prove that no one else can have a signature hair colour because literally every single one looks best on her.

Good Dye Young (2016)

It turns out that 10 years of dyeing your hair every colour under the sun makes you pretty much an expert at the whole thing. Hayley started her own hair dye brand, Good Dye Young, and I’ve honestly never seen such pigmented shades. It looks like you emptied a metric ton of highlighters into a bottle right from the get go, which is rare… but honestly, who else would have graced us with this magic but Hayley Williams?

“Hard Times” (2017)

Which brings us to now. Her hair is a white blonde, like a blank canvas waiting for a fresh coat of paint. What will the future bring? Is she done with hair dye? Is this supposed to represent a new start or something with After Laughter? Will we ever know for sure?

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