The Google Home Max can (almost) read your mind

Powered by AI and capable of measuring the acoustics of the room, the Google Home Max is is not your regular bluetooth speaker.

May 17, 2018

I’m sure we all remember our first Bluetooth speaker. Maybe it was a tiny battery-operated number, with a limited range that only connected half of the time. You probably used it wirelessly for a hot second before giving up and turning on, tuning in and dropping out via your AUX cord. Cut to 2018 and after launching the Google Home line of smart speakers in 2016, Google has upped the ante with their most powerful addition to the line, the Google Home Max.

Powered by artificial intelligence and capable of adjusting to the acoustics of the room based on where it’s placed, the Google Home Max doesn’t make you sacrifice sound quality for innovation. They gave us one to try out for the week and we can confirm, it is in fact extremely awesome. While there is the option for an AUX pulg-in, half the fun on using this device is playing with the voice commands. Wanna know the temperature outside? Google’s on it. Do you have the lyrics to a song stuck in your head, or even the general melody, What’s that popular indie song with the tambourine and whistling?  Google might tell you that it’s “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John” (even though we know it’s actually the other  popular indie song with the tambourine and whistling “New Slang” by The Shins). I suppose we can agree to disagree, then agree on the fact that you probably need one in your home right. now.

Google Home Max is available starting May 16 for $499 from The Google Store and Best Buy Canada.

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