The “Idris Elba” doll and 8 other super “inaccurate” depictions

November 15, 2018

In what’s hopefully not part of some insane viral marketing campaign for Toy Story 4, boutique doll producers Emperis unleashed a toy replica of last week’s Sexiest Man Alive – though unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing sexy about the company’s shocking rendition on the actor.

Not only is the doll bizarrely proportioned and sporting a very…err classic wardrobe, but most importantly, it doesn’t even look like Idris Elba. Actor Romany Malco has staked a claim in the doll’s likeness:

While even Idris himself thinks his replica looks closer to others than him (in this case, Montel Williams):

The doll of Not-Idris is just the latest entry in a lengthy history of evidence that should urge anyone away from ever attempting to recreate any sort of likeness, from the how-could-you-forget botched restoration of Ecce Homo in 2012, to the long line of celebrities and cultural icons, detailed in the list above, who haven’t exactly fared the best when it comes having their likeness captured

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