The police shut down a rave at an abandoned Toys R’ Us

Would you go to Rave's R' Us?

April 13, 2018

Toys R Us and Rave Culture may be two institutions that both had their heydays in the 90s, however a group of ambitious partygoers in UK are looking to change that — so long as they don’t get arrested first.

This past Easter weekend, “hundreds” of residents of Hounslow, West London decided to cap off their chocolate egg hunts by presumably ingesting another type of candy and heading over to the abandoned tomb of their local Toys R Us for a full-blown rave.

The promoters’ business model — as evidenced by this elegant graffiti — employed a heavy rebrand of everyone’s favourite defunct toy depot into its rebellious, party-friendly older cousin, “Raves R Us” (complete with an anarchy symbol as the “A,” because of course).

“Raves R Us,” unfortunately, seemed to quickly suffer the same fate of the store’s previous incarnation, as police also tweeted that a “sound system has been seized and several arrests made. Do not travel to this area as all attendees and ticket holders are being turned away.” I guess there’s a bunch of abandoned Sears stores to move operations to, but what rave puns can you make with that name?

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