Things are about to get wild at Brigham Young University

The famously-restrictive Mormon institution in Provo, Utah loosens its restrictions on fizzy drinks.

September 22, 2017

The students who attend Brigham Young University have a slightly different post-secondary experience than most retired beer pong champions/degree holders: the hyper-conservative Utah institution prohibits the consumption of alcohol, coffee, and the use of profanity,  students are expected to live a “chaste and virtuous life” in concordance with an “honor pledge,” and you aren’t allowed to grow a beard, or even a goatee. Strange, I always thought a ton of Mormons had beards.

One long-standing restriction is about to change on the formerly caffeine-free campus, though: now you can buy pop. Things are about to GO OFF at the next few campus ragers and ecclesiastical honour code compliance meetings. The move to allow caffeinated beverages on campus follows years of agitation by the student body for the change, and it’s finally happened. Next up: getting rid of chastity laws, another dumb rule I guarantee student bodies are agitated about.

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