This might be the thirstiest move in hip-hop

This dude has been asking random people for photos and then pretending they're his die hard fans on Instagram.

November 8, 2017

Aspiring Soundcloud rappers aren’t generally known for their chill when it comes to self-promotion, but most of ’em stop short before taking photos with strangers and then captioning their social media as if a fan approached them and begged for a pic:

It might be worth the risk to your brand if you can get away with it once, but acting as if you’re getting accosted left and right by fans when you have >500 Soundcloud followers isn’t a tactic that lends itself to multiple attempts. As Twitter user/non-fan @MeshaMakaveli notes, it’s unlikely this other guy knows who Rique is either:

Consider yourselves on notice, Soundcloud rappers: think about other means of signal-boosting your career, cuz this one carries a high risk of backfiring. Why not pay for some Twitter followers instead?

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