This pet owner trained her puppy using Harry Potter spells

Get ready to fend off a serious case of cute aggression.

January 9, 2019

Sure, Hedwig may have flown up to the big owl coop in the sky (rest in peace, birdie), but YouTuber/voice actress Anna Brisbin has the next best thing. Meet Remus… No, not the friendly werewolf, but the adorable the 10-month-old Daschund puppy.

If, for whatever reason, a napping pupper decked out in Gryffindor robes still doesn’t completely scratch your cute itch for the day, whimper not—Remus has you covered. Brisbin, who goes by @BrizzyVoices on Twitter, posted a video to her page showing off a puppy-training regime that’s almost worthy of Hogwarts. While most owners may resort to treats or toys for their puppy-training, Remus’ education seems to be a bit more magical than that. Brisbin’s swapped the shock collar for a wand (yes, wand) and normal commands for spells lifted straight from Professor McGonagall’s syllabus—think less “play dead”, more “Avada Kedavra”:

Remus’ skills seem to be a hit with the muggle world; the tweet of his magical obedience training having piled up nearly 300,000 likes in the two days since its posting. The canine’s newfound fame even caught the attention of Rowling’s official fansite, Pottermore, who tweeted out their own punny seal of approval:

With Remus repping Gryffin-Paw, a new star emerged for Huffle-Pup…

We can’t hardly wait wait to see what Slyther-hound and Raven-pug look like.

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