This Stranger Things toy advertisement is missing something…

Retailers: Do better.

October 23, 2017

Stranger Things is coming back this week and we could not be more excited. Neither can retailers — the show’s popularity seemed to catch Netflix off guard last year, but with critical acclaim and incredible momentum behind it, season 2’s merchandise is already out in full force. That’s rad — get those prodigiously talented teens paid I say. But of course somebody had to go and screw it up.

Up top you can see a pretty dope line of figures on sale at Target in the US right now.

Notice anything?

You can no doubt see Barb, the season 1 fan favourite who—spoiler alert—didn’t make it past the second episode. She won’t be back for season 2.

Know who will be back? Lucas Sinclair, played by Caleb McLaughlin. He was in every episode in the first season, and his dynamic with Finn Wolfhard’s Mike was a obvious highpoint.

And this isn’t on the toy makers. There’s a Funko! Lucas toy. It rules. You should buy it… just not at Target.

Retailers: Do better, or deal with Lucas.

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