This working record player is made out of Legos

Legos have come a long way.

April 17, 2014

Legos have come a long, long way, and while we all have our favourite sets, this one is almost definitely more impressive: a working turntable made entirely out of the family-friendly blocks.

Okay, so it won’t play your favourite record, but would you really trust a child’s toy with an OG Exile on Main Street pressing?

Instead, the setup uses Lego Mindstorms cameras, which transpose colour patterns into songs like “Frere Jacques” or “Happy Birthday.” Not worldbeating stuff by any stretch, but that it’s at all possible is pretty incredible. Check the player out in action below. [H/T Geek]

But even better is this fully functional player that uses a Lego frame to house a Technics headshell. It sounds… not great, and it probably ruined this record, but hey, A for Effort!

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