Someone has finally photoshopped Timothée Chalamet into classic art

Our only question is when can we get this as a print.

A Young Man with a Basket of Fruit (Personification of ’Summer’), 1640 by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo [Source: @chalametinart]
July 19, 2018

Timothée Chalamet’s face popped up in all the right places last year, whether it was buried between the pages of Howard Zinn in Ladybird or sitting atop a faded Talking Heads shirt in Call Me By Your Name. Now, a user is taking Chalamet-nia to the next level by plastering Twitter and Instagram with every piece of classical art you can think of, reimagined to feature the actor’s boyish charm:

‘badly photoshopped Timmy’, or @chalametinart, has only been posting Timothée’d portraits for a little over two weeks, but over this short timespan has garnered tens of thousands of followers, along with catching the eyes of the Evening Standard and Vogue.

American Gothic, 1930 by Grant Wood #timotheechalamet #chalametinart

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There’s no word as to who’s behind this highlighting of Chalamet as a literal work of art – Oliver? ­– but surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time an intersection between the actor and classical art has emerged on social media, with Instagram account ‘Call Me By Monet’ gaining some traction earlier this year through blending stills from the movie with works by its namesake artist.

Our next question is when can we get this on a t-shirt?

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