Viral 50 Cent look-alike is actually just 50 Cent

It looks like him because it is him. It's an on-set photo from his upcoming movie Den of Thieves.

June 19, 2017

If you’re on Twitter — we’re on Twitter a lot — you might have seen this floating around over the weekend:

And it’s true. He does look a lot like 50 Cent!

Because it is 50 Cent.

It’s a shot from the set of next year’s Den of Thieves, an upcoming heist movie that also stars Pablo Schreiber, Gerard Butler and O’Shea Jackson Jr. (AKA Ice Cube’s kid). It’s been kicking around online since April, where it was usually posted with some variation of “This is 50 Cent’s cousin, 25 Cent.” Honestly? We prefer Officer 5-0.

He’s actually been sharing set pics for a while now. Here he is decked out in full tactical gear, looking like some kind of S.W.A.T. ninja:

Soon as I wrap here, I'll catch you on the PARTY TOUR. #denofthieves

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And the best selfie Award go's to, lol #denofthieves

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