Watch Bill Gates dance like your dad at the Windows 95 launch party

Watch a bunch of Microsoft executives party like it's 1995.

February 16, 2016

There’s no doubt the launch of Windows 95 was an exciting time for Microsoft. Leaving the clunky Windows 3.1 behind, the snazzy Graphic User Interface was only overshadowed by the sample video of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” in breathtaking 480 x 256 VGA resolution.


The world ate it up, and Microsoft had a lot to celebrate. Unfortunately (or luckily), somebody decided that at the Windows 95 launch, the Microsoft brass should celebrate in the form of dance.

How do extremely nerdy tech billionaires dressed in high waisted chinos and polo shirts dance? Exactly how you think they would.

Clap your hands, say yeah!

Dad! Stop!

The rest of the executives could be mistaken for Michael Jackson in his prime compared to Papa Bill Gates. The man has absolutely no idea what to do with any part of his body. Personally, my favourite part is at the end where his face says: “You did it, Bill. Proud of ya, buddy.”

Bonus shout out to former Windows CEO/hype man/wacky waving inflatable tube man Steve Ballmer.

He’s still got it!

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